Variety Meat

Variety Meats

U.S. variety meats, especially livers, kidneys and hearts are favorite choices for all meals and all times! They are excellent in salads, main dishes and sandwiches; they also go perfectly with main ingredients such as vegetables, rice and grains, making every meal an exceptional treat.  

The United States is well recognized as the leading exporter of high quality variety meats or what is known edible beef offal such as livers, kidneys and hearts, which all come from young grain-fed cattle slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic laws.

U.S. variety meats are rich with nutrients essential in every diet; they are also delicious and suit all tastes and occasions. The liver, for example, is known for its juiciness, distinctive flavor and high nutritional value of proteins and vitamins namely A, C and D that are not found in muscle meats, in addition to Niacin, Riboflavin and other minerals that are important for health and vitality. Kidneys are also recognized for their unique taste and richness in iron which help to prevent anemia. U.S. beef heart contains high values of both proteins and minerals.

Add quality to your daily meals and richness to your cuisine by trying U.S. beef livers, kidneys and hearts in flavorful recipes.