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U.S. Beef Master Classes - Butchering Skills & Culinary Applications - Jordanian Chefs Association

Talented junior chefs, who are members of the Jordanian Chefs Association (JCA), convened in three separate groups at the premises of JCA to learn and gain know – how about U.S. beef. Over three days of master classes, chefs became familiar with the U.S. beef lifecycle, grain versus grass feeding, grading and inspection, butchering and cooking. Lectures given virtually by Lina Kanaan, the representative of the U.S. Meat Export Federation in Jordan and Lebanon, were reinforced by hands-on sessions presented by the butcher and the chef Lubna Alamat & Ziad Muasher who demonstrated new cuts from the chuck such as the flat iron, and from the loin and ribs namely New York strip, T-bone, Porterhouse, tenderloin and rib eye. JCA president and board members commended the butchering skills and culinary experience that member chefs have acquired and will be carrying with them through their future career in hotels and restaurants.