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U.S. Beef Turns Christmas Dinners into Magical Celebrations

Giving a helping hand to Tamanna and Chef Youssef Akiki, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) was able to turn Christmas dinners of Lebanese families into magical celebrations. A nice warm meal for Christmas cannot be complete without a succulent U.S. rib eye roast. A basket of healthy ingredients was offered to each family with a recipe developed by Chef Akiki to encourage families restore their festive season dreams and participate in cooking a Christmas dinner that brings back the spirit of celebrations to their homes. The dinner menu was crowned by U.S. Prime Entrecôte with Roasted Vegetables Served with a Mustard Sauce. In these hard times, the partnership between USMEF, Tamanna and Chef Youssef Akiki spread hope among families and made a difference!