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An Action Packed Trip from Start to Finish!

A team of professional trade and culinary buyers from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt had a one-of-a-kind experience between May 12-21, 2024, by attending the Certified Angus Beef International Roundup in Wooster, Ohio and the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) in Chicago, Illinois.

Organized and led by the U.S. Meat Export Federation and its representative Agri Marketing Consulting Services, the team visited CAB Culinary Center, Meat Lab, family-owned Angus farms and ranches. They attended educational and marketing sessions that helped them gain insight into the 2024 beef market trends and at the same time experimented with new butchering techniques, culinary innovation and enjoyed extraordinary flavors of numerous CAB cuts and added value-products.

With a passion for high-quality beef and aspirations to enrich their industry knowledge, the ten team members visited seven suppliers of U.S. meat at the NRA Show. They had unique networking opportunities with them and found the right products for their business. A show like this was an opportunity for importers and chefs of the ME Team to bring out actual products and meet face to face with potential partners in the US.   

The trip was a learning experience that energized, inspired, and geared the ME team to develop and innovate their buying choices of U.S. food products, especially beef!