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A Collection of Signature U.S. Beef Recipe Cards

A creative collection of six signature U.S. beef recipes were produced in collaboration with Chef Youssef Akiki who gushed his cooking passion for U.S. beef into U.S. beef masterpiece recipes. U.S. beef rib eye, brisket, short ribs, striploin, tenderloin and chuck were six different U.S. beef cuts crafted into artistic dishes in presentation and taste. The cards were prepared in Arabic and English to benefit Arab and non-Arab buyers living in Jordan and Lebanon , in addition to end users in the region as a whole. The variety of American beef dishes included: Prime Rib Eye with Romesco Sauce & Figs, Beef Tartar with Markouk Bread Chips, Prime Brisket in Lebanese Bread Tacos, Grilled Striploin with Crispy Onions & Glazed Mushrooms, Prime Beef Burger with Foie Gras, and Pulled Short Ribs Tartine.